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ACE Recumbent Tour South 40 Km

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Winterswijk-Miste-vicinity Barlo (Dld)-Het Woold-Winterswijk

Facts on route

After km 9.6 picnic area
After km 18.4 catering facility Stadtwald Schänke, right on the bike path. Limited business hours.
At km 22.1 Castle and catering facility Schloss Diepenbrock (recommended) Open: basically always, just to make sure (parties) just call: +49 287 121 740.
After km 31.3 biologiocal farm "De Brömmels" shop and cheese factory. Speciality goat cheese.
At km 36.4 Café-restaurant "De gulle Waard".

Safety tips

Parts of the dirt roads can be sandy or muddy. It is better to dismount than to crash.

km. (= kilometers covered)
0 At ACE Recumbents with your back to the store go right.
0.1 Right, to Woold-Aalten (Wooldseweg).
0.8 Before the roundabout right (Golsweg). After 100 meters go straight, bike path.
1.7 At car dealer cross the priority road and continue along this way (Venemansweg).
1.9 Before car dealer Kempink left (Vreehorstweg).
4.2 At crossing with Veldhorstweg left, follow the narrow bike path.
4.8 Across the bridge (look right, scenic creek with fish ladder) Beware of crushed stone at the farm.
5.0 At railway crossing right.
5.4 At crossing right, to Miste-Aalten.
5.8 At the fork keep left (Heenkamppieperweg).
7.4 End of road left to Woold-Grote steen (Blekkinkhofweg).
8.4 At 3-way intersection with bench right (Boomkampweg).
9.1 Where brick road turns into asphalt left (Euregio Groene grens).
9.6 Pass the border through the gates. Go straight. After 600 meters nice picnic area.
10.7 After house number 1 riight (bike route F1) unpaved.
11.0 On paved road left (Bike route F1).
11.3 First road right (Bike route F1) turns into Döllsdiek.
13.5 At crossing with priority road go straight (Döllsdiek).
14.0 End of road left (Zum Venn).
15.5 At crossing with priority road (stop sign) go straight. Note: Go left here and you are back in Winterswijk after 14 km.
So you go straight. Beware, the next to exists are close to each other.
15.6 First road left (Barloërweg) A 4 en Zone 30.
15.7 First road left (A 4) (Im Kortenhorn).
16.4 Right (Im Kortenhorn) follow windy road.
17.6 End of road left.
18.0 End of road left. Bike path of Gerhard Ahold Strasse.
18.3 At crossing go straight (bike path).
18.4 Shortly afterwards left (bike path) Winterswijk 20, Rhede 10.
20.5 At crossing left (Winterswijk 18. Het Woold 9.4) only if you wish to visit Schloss Diepenbrock, otherwise go straight and continue at km 24.5.
21.4 So you visit Schloss Diepenbrock. Beware, you turn right on to a dirt road with a red bike sign.
21.5 At fork keep right (cycling route).
21.9 At fork left (F1).
22.0 End of path left and before castle right.
22.1 Café Restaurant Schloss Diepenbrock. Open: Sunday whole day, Mon - Sat from 15.00.
Have a break.
22.1 With your back to the castle turn left and to the road. Than turn left.
22.6 Before the corner left (Schlossallee).
23.7 At crossing with bike path left.
24.5 End bike path right.
24.6 End of road left (Vardingholterstrasse).
25.6 Beware! Dangerous crossing. Go straight.
25.9 At crossing with priority road go straight (Kottsstegge).
26.5 In corner go straight (cycling route) After an S-curve (left-right) you are riding the former railway Winterswijk-Bocholt. There is a nice picnic area here.
27.4 End of path left (brick road).
27.8 End of road go straight, along barrier, narrow path.
28.4 End of path right. (actually straight, bitumen road)
28.8 In corner left, gravel path. (Winterswijk 8, red sign)
29.5 End path right, asphalt road.
29.8 ------------------------------------------alternative route, begin text--------------
You can take the "Oude Bocholtse baan" here on the left hand side. If you control your bike well (narrow path), and you do not mind a lot of oncoming traffic, then this is a very beautiful route. You just go straight till after the tunnel. Then right and after 10 meter left back on to the bike path. End of bike path right, and you are almost back at the store.
------------------------------------------alternative route, end text---------------
31.3 At crossing near the liberation monument left (Meerdinkweg). After 1 km you'll find on the right hand side the biological farm "De Brömmels".
33.1 At crossing go straight (Schoolweg).
33.7 At fork left (Holthuisweg).
36 End of road go straight (unpaved bike path).
36.4 At old watermill right across the bridge and immediately right again. Beware, loose gravel.
There is an excellent catering facility here, "De gulle Waard".
36.6 Before the railway crossing right (Badweg).
37.1 At crossing with bike path left.
37.5 After tunnel right and immediately left.
37.7 End bike path go straight towards center (Centrum).
38.2 At priority road left.
38.3 Left at number 60 you are back at ACE Recumbents.

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